Зимнее видео-селфи с группами. Баренцбург, Шпицберген


I would like to represent you my video project. During my staying in Barentsburg (Svalbard) and working as a town guide I make selfies with each group I get here.

It’s like at attempt to remember every day of my life in such amazing place.
Winter season was great! A lot of interesting people, events and different human stories! Polar night, northern lights, sun eclipse, midnight sun, incredible landscapes, wild animals, birds and plenty of arctic details. Place where my dreams come true.
I’ve finished collect winter-selfies and put them all together in this video. Check yourself! Maybe you’re part of it ;)

Thanks to all visitors!
And of course ‘Tusen Takk’ to all travel companies which make possible for people to visit Svalbard and especially Barentsburg!

Music: Capital Cities – Safe And Sound